I’m been collecting, researching, and selling antique silhouettes and folk art for over thirty years.  I accept every opportunity to absorb scholarship about my areas of interest, visiting museums, antique shows, attending and presenting at seminars, networking with collectors, museum curators and other dealers.  I hope we can enjoy some communication time away from my website that presents a give and take format for us to share.  Let’s get this rodeo started!

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  1. Hi there. I live in England and own a silhouette that belonged to my mother, and has been in the family for many years. I ‘discovered’ it framed but with the glass broken in my parents’ cellar, and rescued it and had it re-framed. It now hangs on my dining-room wall and I love it. The image is of a family of four (husband, wife and 2 daughters) in a drawing room lit by a huge bay window, beyond which are a couple of ships on the sea. One of the daughters appears to be reading to her seated mother and the other possibly holding a piece of embroidery. The background, including swaggy curtains, floor tiles, shadows etc. appears to be drawn in pencil. I would love to know more about it. It is deftly done and looks to my untrained eye to be early C19. It does not appear to be signed, and is approximately 35cm x 45 cm in size. Would I be able to email you a photo for you to take a quick look at? (I’m hoping you may be as interested in seeing it as I am in knowing more about it though!) Many thanks and very best wishes, Richard Wheeler

  2. Hello Peggy,
    I located your web page as I searched for information concerning a Silhouette that I inherited from my father. I know nothing about Silhouette art but I find it very interesting and beautiful. My Silhouette is not signed or dated but had a little sticker on the back that said C-1820, an item number and a value. I am inclined to sell because I do not have a collection. I would be honored and grateful if you would be willing to take a look. I just want to make sure that it’s legit. My father loved this art form so I would like to see someone get it that really appreciates the work.
    Joe Cascio

  3. I am delighted to know there is someone who can tell me about my collection of antique silhouettes. As far as we know all dozen or so were collected by my husband’s grandmother. She began buying antiques beginning in the 1920’s and continued through the seventies. Some of the silhouettes are possibly family pieces. Some are painted. One of the largest depicts a lady in a long dress. I love them but know nothing at all about them. I’d love to hear from you.

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