This is not by Edouart

Laughon sisters reproJust in case some of my readers are thinking that they might sneak in a bid for an Edouart that isn’t labeled Edouart, this silhouette is NOT by Edouart.  To be fair, the seller does not represent the silhouette to be by Edouart, but there is a genuine Edouart label pasted to the brown paper covering the back of the frame.  My best guess is that the three silhouette figures in the frame are faithful reproductions, possibly by the Laughons.  The names of the women supposedly depicted are not in Mrs. Jackson’s list nor are they in the Laughons’ book on the Quaker album.  Nevertheless, they are fairly well-executed except for the awkwardly long arms of the two standing women and the lack of good detail in the faces and hair.  The trade label on the back of the frame is definitely real but the rest is 20th century.  Here is the link to the ebay listing:

Laughon sisters repro 02Laughon sisters repro 04








David says, “Always enjoy your blogs!!! Once years ago for the sheer fun of it I even purchased for pennies literally pennies a photocopy of a period Edouart of 3 sitters from New Orleans, documented in Mrs. Jackson’s book. Later found the original silhouette was even larger — a conversation silhouette recorded on a glass negative at the Library of Congress.”

Thanks for participating David!

Someone bought this fake Edouart

15-03 fake girl 02Such a shame that someone just bought this fake Edouart from ebay.  These 20th century fakes that are all supposedly American-cut come up all of the time.  As you can see, the ink is black.  This group of fakes all have the names of the sitter inscribed either above, below or on the opposite lower corner from Edouart’s specious signature.  Look at the girl–she doesn’t look like Edouart’s work.  Reader’s please send comments on what characteristics are missing for Edouart’s work, or show that this is definitely not Edouart’s work.  The girl was sold with the pair in one frame, which I give no opinion about.  The seller did not represent the pair as by Edouart.  You can see the listing for about a month at   The buyer paid $565 for these two silhouettes.15-03 fake girl 03 15-03 fake girl