More Non-Edouarts on ebay

ebay fake Edouart hc 01 I don’t know what these are, but they certainly are not silhouettes by Edouart.  Listed on ebay as “Antique Pair Auguste Edouart Silhouette Rare “Negative” Cut Out Portrait Signed”, these hollow cut silhouettes have an impressed stamp on them which I cannot read.  If it says “Edouart” then the stamp is fake.  It may, however, be someone else’s trade stamp.  Although Edouart did some bust-length silhouettes, he never, never, never did hollow cut silhouettes.  These silhouettes look nothing like Edouart’s silhouettes.  Here is what the listing says: ebay fake Edouart hc 02

This is a Rare Pair of “Negative” Cut Out Silhouette Portraits

by Auguste Edouart

Negative cut out meaning the white paper is what has been cut.

Usually Silhouette Portraits are cut out black paper mounted over white.

This pair is white cut out mounted over black.


Both are signed with a stamp.

Portraits are absolutely authentic, you will not be disappointed.

The woman has some staining, shown below and

definitely not a deal breaker.

This frame may or may not be original.

The portraits have been re-matted and the frame has

had new paper backing put on with a new wire,

the frame itself is constructed with pegs which is

correct for the period.

To me this appears to be a partial frame restoration.

The back portion of the frame that is showing has good oxidation,

therefore I believe the frame is original.

ebay fake Edouart hc 04 ebay fake Edouart hc 03

The pair is ebay # 251726087280 and you can see it at

Here are photos of a couple of Edouart busts (cut & paste like all of his silhouettes) so you can see what they look like.  I’ve had some busts that were hand-signed and some that had trade labels, but I’ve never see an impressed stamp by him.

Edouart Fanny 02c 96 pxEdouart bust man 4182 03c close 96 pxEdouart preacher Boston 02c 96 px

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