Another ebay listing that drives me crazy!

Ralph Earl my a 02I really don’t understand how someone can acquire something with an “attribution” and offer it for sale without checking out the attribution first. This ebay seller is making a second offer of this 19th century portrait.  If this portrait is by Ralph Earl, then the sky is on fire!  First problem is that the clothing worn by the sitter is clearly circa 1820, not Revolutionary War period. Is it too much to ask that a seller spend a little time on the internet to research fashions of whatever period he/she purports a portrait to be? Second, the portrait has absolutely none of the characteristics of Ralph Earl’s work. Really, all one needs to do is search wikipedia for Ralph Earl to be presented with a number of his portraits by which to compare the work at hand.  Below is a Ralph Earl portrait. 515px-Mrs_Alexander_Hamilton_by_Ralph_Earl

And, as a word of caution to all potential buyers, if a seller has a starting price of $1.00, the portrait is not likely by a famous American artist from the 18th century. Granted, there is a reserve and we don’t know what that is….but, really, $1.00?